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  • Published Date : 2/24/2023 12:00:00 AM
  • Physical Description : The girls would likely be part of Mitchell Gardens District, which was on the base, which is where Our Lady of the Valley Chapel was. Some of the Guides are wearing culottes which came out in the fall of 1963 or 1964. One is wearing the previous style tie and several are wearing the older uniform with pockets on the skirts so I am thinking that this would have been early after the introduction of the newer uniform. It would be after the introduction of the Canadian maple leaf flag which took place on Feb 15, 1965. The girl with 3 stripes on her pocket would have been the company leader (the head girl in the unit) and the ones with 2 stripes would be Patrol Leaders while any with 1 stripe would be a Patrol Second. The berets were phased out during the 1970's. It was common to have a church parade on the Sunday closest to Thinking Day (Feb 22) but I wouldn't think that a Guide unit would have the new flag by Thinking Day in 1965, although a unit on the base would possibly have had one given to them right away. My best guess is that these girls were from a Mitchell Gardens Guide Company in 1965 or 1966 (via Linda Love and Judy Quinn). In the photo with the girl guides standing on the steps in front of the building, the girl holding the flag is Theresa Steele and her little sister Kathy Steele is second from the right with the short bond hair and glasses. This would have been between 1964 and 1966 I believe (via Maureen Wiley).
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